Arsenal will not sell Alexis until a replacement is found.

Arsenal will not sell Alexis until a replacement is found. The player has become a key player of the team, but he is not the only one who can play in the same position.
The club has already signed a number of players who will play in different positions. Among them, we can highlight:
* Lucas Moura;
* Ederson;
* Fabio Coentrao.
These players will help the team in different ways. First of all, they will help in the attack, because they have a good understanding with the attackers. Also, they can play as a defender or a midfielder.
However, the main thing is that they will be able to help the club in the transfer market. The team has a great opportunity to buy a new goalkeeper, as well as a striker.

The transfer window is coming to an end, so now it’s time to make some transfers. The most interesting ones are:
1. Nicolas Pepe. The Portuguese player has already been in the starting lineup of the club. He is a good defender, but it”s obvious that the club needs to strengthen the position of the goalkeeper.
2. Ederson. The Englishman is a fantastic player, and the club will be very happy to have him. He can play on the left or on the right side.
3. Fabio. The Brazilian player is a great striker, and he has already scored many goals for the team.
4. Riyad Mahrez. The Algerian player is one of the best strikers of the world.
5. Joao Pedro. The young player has a good chance to become a good goalkeeper. He has already shown that he can be a good choice for the position. He’ll be able not only to save the goalkeeper, but also to help in attacks.
So, the transfer window has come to an excellent end, and now it is time to do some business.
Main Transfer Opportunities of the Next Season
The new season of the English Premier League will begin, and it will be interesting to watch the game of the clubs from the top division. The main transfer opportunities of the teams are:
1/ Transfer of a new striker;
2/ Transfer a goalkeeper;
3/ Transfer new defenders.
Among the main transfers of the season, we should highlight:
* Lucas Mouraud;
– Edmond Gunther;
** Fabian Ruiz.
All these players have a great potential, so they can become a great addition to the team of the next season.
You can always follow the news on the website of sports statistics, where you can find the information about the matches of the top English clubs.
English Premier League Standings
The English Premier league is one the best championships in the world, and this is obvious. The teams fight for the champion title, and they do it in a very tough way.
This season, the teams have a lot of chances to win the title. The leaders of the championship are: Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham.
Liverpool is the best team in the Premier league, and its main goal is to win gold medals. The Reds have a number 1, 2, and 3, and if the team will be stronger in the next games, then it will definitely win the champion trophy.
Manchester City is the main contender for the title, but the main goal of the Citizens is to be in the top 4. They have a very good lineup, which can be the key to the victory.
Arsenal is a team that is in a good shape, and many players are ready to help their team. The Gunners have a strong lineup, and there is a chance that they can win the championship.
Tottenham is a strong team, and all its members are ready for the fight. The Spurs have a chance to win it, but they have to be more focused and not to get too confident.
If the team manages to win, then the Spurs will be the main contenders for the gold medals, but if they lose, then Manchester City will be in a better position. So, it is very important to follow the results of the matches, because it will help you to make the right decision.
Live Results of English Premier Leagues
The live football results of English premier league are available on the sports statistics website. This is a platform where you will find the latest information about matches of top English football clubs. The website of the sports information has a lot to offer, and here you can always find the schedule of matches, as they will always be updated in real time.
In the current season, Liverpool is the most likely candidate to win a gold medal. The club has a number one, 2 and 3 and the team is very strong. The Liverpool players are very focused, and their main goal for the season is to get into the top-4.
Chelsea is also in a strong position, but Tottenham is also very strong, and a lot depends on the results. The Tottenham Hotspur players have good chances to get to the top, but this will depend on the performance of the main competitors.
At the moment, the most interesting matches of this season are: Everton vs. Manchester United, Arsenal vs. Chelsea, and Liverpool vs. Tottenham.