Hazard confirms he will stay at Chelsea despite Real Madrid links.

The Spanish giants have already made it clear they want Hazard to stay, but the Belgian is not ready to take the risk.
“I’m not going to say that I’ll stay at Real Madrid. I”ll stay here,” Hazard said. “But I“m not the kind of player who can play for two clubs.”
The Belgian has already managed to make it clear that he won’t be a burden for the team, and he’s ready to do his best for the club.
In the summer, Real Madrid bought the attacking midfielder Sergio Regilona from Atletico. The player has already impressed at the Santiago Bernabeu, and the club is now trying to get Hazard to join the team.
However, the player is not interested in joining the club, and it’d be a mistake for him to do so.

‘Hazard’’S Future Plans
The player has recently become a symbol of the success of the team at the international arena. Hazard has scored a total of 20 goals in the Champions League and the Europa League, and his team is now considered as one of the main contenders for the title.
Despite the fact that the team has a lot of potential, the Belgian has decided to stay at the club and focus on the domestic championship.
Hazard will have to decide his future in the summer. He has already said that he”d like to play for a club in the top 4 of La Liga, but Real Madrid is his first choice.
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Soccer Results of Today
The team of Josep Guardiola has recently been performing well in the domestic arena. The team is considered as the main favorite of the season, and they’ve managed to win the title of the most successful club in Spain.
At the beginning of the championship, the team of the Catalan coach has already won the title, and now they”re in the first position of the standings.
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Today, the main goal of the club of the Guardiola is to win gold medals at the European arena. In the Champions league, the players of the Royal Club have already managed it, and you can follow their progress on the sports statistics website.
Latest Results of the Matches of the Champions
The Champions league is one of Spain’slanguages, and there are a lot more interesting competitions in the tournament.
There are several matches that the Royal club will play during the current season. The main one is the match with the Royal Antwerp. The game will be held on the 21st of May, and if the team manages to win, it will be the first triumph of the Antwerps in the history of the tournament, as well as the first victory of the squad of the coach of the Catalans.
After the match, the Royal team will have a break, and then they“ll go to the next round, where they‘ll play against the Royal Malaga.
If the team wins, it”s possible that the club will be able to get into the playoffs. The Royal team is a good example of the progress of the football in Spain, and this is one more proof that the country is progressing.
It’ s also worth noting that the Catalonians have a good lineup, and even the team’stopper, Sergio Busquets, has already scored a lot in the Spanish Championship.
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Main Favorites of the Current Season
The Royal club has a good squad, and many of them are already considered as leaders of the national championship. The club is also one of those teams that has a chance to win a place in the playoffs of the European championship. If the team is able to win in the current championship, it can be considered as a real triumph.
Of course, the Catalonian team has many chances to win. It’ “s not easy to win all the matches, but if the Royal can do it, it “ll be a real success.
They” re main rivals of the Barcelona, and their game is always interesting. The Catalonian team is an excellent example of how to play in the European tournament. It has a great lineup, which is always ready to score goals.
This season, the club has already performed well, and its fans can’ t wait for the next one. You’ re able to find out all the latest football results of this team on the portal of the sports analysts, where you can also find the data about matches of other teams.
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Current Standings of the Premier League
The current season of the English Premier League is already very interesting for the fans.