RUMOURS: £40million for Matic?

By Football Italia staff

Roma have been rumoured to be interested in signing Juventus midfielder Matic.
The Bianco-Neri have already made a bid for the player, but the club has not yet been able to get the necessary guarantees.
However, the situation is now changing, as the Bianco Neri have now started to make serious moves for the players.
According to the sources, the club is now ready to pay a lot of money for Máté.
This is not the first time that the club wants to sign a player of the Matic family.
In the summer, the Biancani had already made several offers for the young player, and it is now clear that the team is ready to make a huge transfer.
It is worth noting that the price of the player is not low, as he is worth around £40m.
Moreover, the price is not far from the one that the Juventus bought for Cristiano Ronaldo.
Therefore, the rumour of the Bianconeri signing Matic is not new, and the club will definitely do its best to sign the player.

It’s worth mentioning that the rumoured deal is not a new one, and there have been several times when the club signed a player for a lower price.
If the rumours are true, then the Bianconi have already managed to strengthen the squad, and now the club can focus on the main task: winning the Champions League.
Rivals’ problems
The team’ performance in the Serie A has recently worsened, and this is what has led to the fact that the Biancons are now in the middle of the table.
Despite this, the team has managed to make it to the playoffs, which is a good result for the club.
Of course, the fans are hoping that the players will be able to show their maximum in the upcoming matches, but it is worth highlighting that the current season has been quite difficult for the team, as it has lost a lot to the defeats.
One of the main problems of the club at the moment is the lack of motivation.
There are also rumours that the coach has been replaced, which will be a real blow for the fans.
As for the rivals, the most likely candidate for the role of the new coach is Torino.
After the appointment of the coach, the Turin club has managed a good start, and they are now almost in the first position of the standings.
That is why the fans can already feel the difference in the team”s game.
Main goal for the new season
The new season of the Italian championship is still a long way away, and we can already see that the new campaign will be really difficult for Torino, as they will have to fight against the following teams:
* Milan;
* Roma;
* Napoli.
All of these teams are capable of seriously affecting the results of the team.
At the moment, the Torino team is quite far from being in the Champions league zone, but if the team manages to get to the top 4, then it will be an excellent result for them.
Also, the new year will be very important for the Torinos, as we will see if they will be in the top-4 or not.
They are already in the list of the favorites, but they will not be able not to fight for the title.
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Livescore today
The season is already in full swing, and fans can follow livescore today of the games of the teams and other interesting events.
On the website, fans can find the information about all the livescore of the Serie a, aswell as other events.
The most interesting of the events are:
1. Inter Milan.
2. Milan. The team has recently been in a serious crisis, and many fans are not happy with the coach.
3. Roma.
4. Torino FC.
5. Napoli FC. This team has been in the leading position for a long time, but recently it has been losing points.
6. Lazio.
7. Cagliari.
8. Sassuolo.
9. Brescia.
10. Parma.
11. Inter.
12. Piacenza.
13. Pescara.
14. Paderborn.
15. Leganes.
16. Ponte della Mezzane.
17. Lecce.
18. Sassuolle.
19. Pisa.
20. Caglieri.
21. Pianese.
22. Avellino. It’ll be interesting to see how the team will play in the next season.
23. Cosenza.
24. Ascoli. There is a big competition for places in the starting line-up, so the team needs to show its maximum.