The player of the week in Serie A after matchday 2

The player of the week in Serie A after matchday 2 is:
1. Milan: Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in the first matchday of the championship. The Portuguese scored a goal in the second minute of the game, and then added a second goal in a minute later. The goals were scored by Ronaldo and his partner, and the Portuguese was the first to congratulate his team-mates.
2. Napoli: The team of Mauro Icardi and the Argentinian goalkeeper, Marco Giampaolo, scored three goals in the match. The team had a good start, and in the middle of the match, Napoli was able to score a goal.
3. Atalanta: The club of Gianluigi Buffon and the Italian goalkeeper, Gianluca Romagnoli, also scored three times. The Italian goalkeeper was also the first one to congratulate the team-mate.
4. Inter: The Italian coach, Massimiliano Allegri, had a successful start of the season, and his team was able not only to score but also to win.
5. Roma: The Roman club of Luciano Spalletti, who is the head coach of the team, scored a double in the game. The first goal was scored by Cristiano, and he also added a goal to the score in the last minute.
6. Lazio: The Lazio team of Antonio Conte, who also is the coach of Lazio, scored two goals in a match.
7. Milan and Inter: Milan and the team of Gianfranco Zola, who are the leaders of the Italian championship, scored one goal each.
8. Juventus: The Turin club of Juventus, who won the championship in the previous season, scored four goals.
9. Torino: The Torino team of Luca Pellegrini, who was the head of the club for a long time, scored six goals. The club also had a great start, scoring the first goal. In the middle, Torino was able score a second and in last minute, the team was also able to win the match with a goal of its own.
10. Lazio 2: The second match of the day was between the teams of Antonio Candreva and the Brazilian goalkeeper, Thiago Silva. Candrever scored a penalty kick and then a goal, and after that the team scored again.
11. Atalante: The Atalanti team of Giorgio Chiellini, the Italian coach of Atalanthe, scored five goals. This was the second time the team won the match of equal points.
12. Roma: Juventus scored six times in a row, and it was the last time the club scored six in a single match. After the match ended, the fans of the Turin team were happy.
13. Atletico Madrid: Diego Simeone’s team scored three in a game, which was the third time in a week that the club won.
14. Sevilla: The Spanish team of Gerard Pique, who has been the head for a few years, scored seven goals in seven matches.
15. Valencia: The players of the Spanish coach, Diego Sánchez, scored eight goals in eight matches. The coach also had an excellent start, with the first two goals. In last minutes, the players were able to add a third goal. The match ended with a score of 6:2.
16. Valencia 2: Diego Costa scored a brace, and from the third goal, the club was able win the game with a single goal. Costa added a third in the final minute. The Spanish players were the first in the championship to score in a home match. They were also the last ones to leave the field with the score of 0:0.
17. Sevillan 1: The match of Sevilla was the team’s first victory in the home match of a new coach.
18. Atleti 2: Milan scored twice in a half, and also scored a third. The Milan team was the only team to score twice in the half.
19. At the finish of the first half, the Atletico team of Diego Sáez scored a single and a double.
20. At 3:00, the match between Sevilla and Valencia ended with the victory of the latter.
21. At 4:00: Atletico scored a triple.
22. At 5:00 and 6:00 the match finished with a draw.
23. At 7:00 Atletico won with a double, and with a triple, the game ended with another draw. The Atletico players were happy with the result of the second half. They scored a fourth and a fifth goal. After that, the coach gave the signal to the players to leave.
24. At 8:00 And 9:00 ended with victory for the Atletos.
25. At 10:00 was the final score of the confrontation between Sevillans and Atletico.
26. At 11:00 both teams left the field, and a new champion was crowned.
27. The result of today’s match was:
• Atletico 2:1 Sevilla.